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Keep livestock and pets safe, clean, and healthy with Dinoflex’s animal friendly mat. Our non-vulcanized process creates tough, odorless mats without the use of harmful solvents or VOC’s making them safe for indoor and outdoor use. Dense rubber creates an anti-slip surface making for easy clean-up of biowaste, dirt, and debris. Whether it’s treating a sick or injured animal or keeping them healthy Dinoflex Barn Mats have it covered.

Protect your herd. Protect your investment

Vulca-NO! Barn Mat can benefit your livestock by offering ergonomic comfort that protects hooves and joints.

Features Logo Features

  • Easy to clean

  • Ergonomic

  • Extremely dense

  • Great traction - wet or dry

  • Non-vulcanized

Benefits Logo Benefits

  • Relieves inflammation from injury or arthritis

  • Reduce long term costs of replacing degrading footing & bedding

  • Reduce costly injuries from slips and falls

  • Safe for use in enclosed spaces with no odor

  • Hygienic conditions for healthier animals

Best Application Logo Best Application

  • Kennels

  • Milking Parlors

  • Pathways

  • Sport

  • Stalls

  • Truck boxes

  • Walkways

Size Logo Size


  • 48" x 72" (121.92cm x 182.88cm)

Standard Thickness

  • 7mm (9/32”), 12mm (1/2”), 15mm (19/32”),
    20mm (25/32")

Technical Logo Technical