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Sport Flooring - Recycled Rubber

Inspire confidence in every area of your facility with quality recycled rubber sport flooring underfoot. From the first step to the last rep Sport Mat fitness flooring is there to support health and recreation at every level. From skates to weights, from rolling loads to rough equipment edges our rubber flooring will out-perform the competition and look good doing it.

Perfect for All Athletic Facilities

Ice rinks, ski resorts, professional sports teams, and fitness clubs select this format to ensure that moisture, humidity and temperature change will not affect the performance of the tiles. The high traction of Dinoflex recycled rubber -- even when wet -- makes this product perfect for a multitude of areas in both winter and summer sport facilities.

Features Logo Features

  • 54 colors

  • Shock absorbing

  • High density

  • High Traction

  • Inlaid logos

  • Moisture resistant

  • Recycled content contributes to green rating

  • Skate blade resistant

Benefits Logo Benefits

  • Creates a safe workout environment, reduces risk of falls

  • Will handle impact of weights and machinery

  • A durable product that won’t show wear patterns and is guaranteed never to curl

  • Low VOC allows for healthy air intake

  • Material will not deteriorate over time

  • Install in areas subject to high moisture

  • Confidently brand your location with a logo that will not wear

  • Economical - fits any budget

Best Application Logo Best Application

  • Commercial

  • Education

  • Fitness centers

  • Golf courses

  • Hospitality

  • Ice Arenas

  • Locker rooms

  • Recreation facilities

  • Retail

  • Ski resorts

  • Weight Rooms

Size Logo Size

Interlock TileInterlocking Floor (Loose Lay)


  • 37” x 37” = 9.5ft2; (94cm x 94cm = 0.88m2)

Standard Thickness

  • 7mm (9/32”), 8mm (5/16”), 9mm (11/32”), 10mm (3/8”),
    12mm (1/2”)
  • Tolerance of +/- 0.5mm
Interlock TileSquare Edge Tile (Glue Down)


  • 38” x 38” = 10.0ft2; (96.5cm x 96.5cm = 0.93m2)

Standard Thickness

  • 4mm (5/32’’), 5mm (3/16”), 6mm (1/4”),
    7mm (9/32”), 8mm (5/16”), 9mm (11/32”),
    10mm (3/8”), 12mm (1/2”)
  • Tolerance of +/- 0.5mm

Technical Logo Technical




Technical Reports