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Nature’s Collection Cork Infused Flooring - Naturally Elegant. Naturally Beautiful.

Sophisticated and elegant, Nature’s Collection blends the durability and versatility of recycled rubber with the style of sustainably harvested cork. By infusing cork granules we add depth and texture to the surface, while the vivid colors of the EPDM offer contrast, coming together for a perfectly balanced design that is sure to leave you impressed.

Made for Designers

We have combined characteristics that are similar yet complimentary to one another giving you a product with superb performance and a visual dimension not typically found with rubber surfaces.

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Features Logo Features

  • Aesthetically versatile

  • Durable

  • Ergonomic benefits

  • High Traction

  • Increased insulation properties

  • Natural resistance to mold and mildew

  • Sound Absorbing

  • Sustainably harvested cork granules

Benefits Logo Benefits

  • Renewable source which does not harm the planet

  • Design a space that is uniquely different

  • Spaces will hold heat and remain warm

  • Resists abrasions and indentations, resulting in a long-life expectancy

  • Provides relief to a person who stands for long periods of time

  • Great for high moisture environment areas

  • Increased acoustic properties over other resilient products

  • Eliminates the need for non-slip matting

Best Application Logo Best Application

  • Commercial

  • Hospitality

  • Lobbies

  • Multi use facilities

  • Office spaces

  • Retail

Size Logo Size

Interlock TileInterlocking Floor (Loose Lay)


  • 37” x 37” = 9.5ft² (94cm x 94cm = 0.88m²)

Standard Thickness

  • 7mm(9/32”), 8mm (5/16”)
Interlock TileSquare Edge Tile (Glue Down)


  • 38” x 38” = 10.0ft² (96.5cm x 96.5cm = 0.93m²)

Standard Thickness

  • 4mm (5/32”), 5mm (3/16”), 6mm (1/4”), 7mm (9/32”), 8mm (5/16”)