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Athletic Flooring - Next Step High Impact

NEXT STEP® High Impact works hard so athletes can play hard. The highly durable backing gives support for prolonged training endurance while our NEXT STEP® wear layer allows you to showcase your team colors with pride. With a surface this good; all the athlete needs to do is focus on is their training.

Shock Absorbing. Slip Resistant.

Welcome every type of athlete with confidence, knowing there’s nothing NEXT STEP® High Impact can’t handle. Provide stability with our high-traction surfacing, ensuring athletes don’t get injured when lifting. It’s perfect for all facilities.

Features Logo Features

  • Easy maintenance

  • Great traction

  • High impact absorption

  • High Impact regrind backing

  • Resilient

  • Sound reducing

  • Stain resistant

  • Unlimited color selection

Benefits Logo Benefits

  • Can withstand abuse from heavy weights

  • Provides grip, reducing risk of injury

  • Deadens sound caused by weights dropping

  • Force is sent back into the weight, protecting your subfloor

  • Materials are made from manufacturing waste, saving costs and the environment

  • Remove sweat, dirt and grime with ease, keeping your floor fresh

  • Prevents unsightly stains that can affect how your environment is viewed

  • High Impact backing can be applied to any Dinoflex color

Best Application Logo Best Application

  • Fitness centers

  • Ski resorts

  • Sport

  • Weightlifting Areas

Size Logo Size

Interlock TileInterlocking Floor (Loose Lay)

  • 37” x 37” = 9.5ft2; (94cm x 94cm = 0.88m2;)

Interlock TileSquare Edge Tile (Glue Down)

  • 38” x 38” = 10.0ft2; (96.5cm x 96.5cm = 0.93m2;)

Standard Thickness

  • 8mm – 5/16” (4mm top surface with 4mm regrind backing)
  • 10mm – 3/8” (4mm top surface with 6mm regrind backing)
  • 12mm – 1/2” (4mm top surface with 8mm regrind backing)
  • Tolerance of +/- 0.5mm
* Custom thicknesses are available