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DinoClean is a biodegradable, neutral PH cleaner designed specifically for use on recycled rubber floors and all other types of resilient flooring. Whether you’re cleaning up after an installation or performing routine maintenance, DinoClean is your solution for removing dust, dirt and debris. Its low foaming properties allow it to be used in both auto scrubbers and mopping buckets for a powerful clean that leaves a fresh pleasant scent.

Environmentally Friendly

DinoClean contains only biodegradable detergents which aligns with our values of environmental protection.

Features Logo Features

  • Biodegradable

  • Controlled pH

  • Economical

  • Low Foam

  • Pleasant Fragrance

  • Versatile

Benefits Logo Benefits

  • Cleans and leaves a pleasant, fresh fragrance in the area after use.

  • Controlled foam makes rinsing easy, leaving a film-free surface.

  • Can be used manually to clean equipment, work surfaces, walls and other surfaces.

  • Highly concentrated, one container will last many washes

  • Easy to disposal without harming the environment

  • Will not harm surfaces or top coatings, and is safe for users

Technical Logo Technical

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